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Current Vacancy List  

Mark Andersen and Associates Rental Requirements:
                We are looking for resident-applicants who have:               


1. At least two years on the current job, or other secure source of income in excess of 3 times the monthly rent. All income must be verifiable. A Co-Signer will be accepted as long as they meet the same minimum requirements as the applicants.

2. Good Credit. If you have no established credit, it will help if you show a consistent minimum bank balance greater than the monthly rent.

                          Open Bankruptcies are cause for turn down.


4. Residents who can respect their neighbor's need for peace & quiet. If you like loud music/ loud parties that will inflict your tastes on your should look elsewhere!

5. All Applicants over the age of eighteen will need to fill out and sign the application. A photo-I.D. and Social Security Number will be required for each adult application. ___________________________________________________________________________
Occupancy Standards:
Studio               2 Persons                            Based on                            
1 Bedroom      3 Persons                 Federal Housing Guidelines
2 Bedroom      5 Persons
3 Bedroom      7 Persons

Rental Agents are not authorized to make decisions on applications. Such decisions will be made by the property manager and owner. In the event of multiple applications, the property will be rented to the applicant with the best overall income, credit, & rental history.

The quoted security deposits are offered to those who meet the standards indicated above. We may request higher deposits where the applicant is either new on the job, or has no credit history, or some bad credit. By law, the maximum-security deposit can be equal to two months rent. An extra security deposit of $200.00 is required per pet.

Because of insurance regulations the following dog breeds will not be allowed on our properties:
Akita, boxer, Chow, Doberman Pinscher, Pit Bull, Presa Canario, Rottweiller, Wolf Hybrid, or any dog that has bitten anyone in the past.

We would recommend that you (1) drive by the property first. Then call the office to (2) set-up an appointment, to see the interior of the property you are interested in.  You are more than welcome to (3) fill out an application, but for security reasons we do not accept or process an application unless you have seen the interior of the property you are interested in. (Exceptions may be made to those with disabilities.)

Mark Andersen & Associates is committed to doing business in accordance with the Fair Housing Laws.

To View the Current Vacancy List, click here.

Rev. 01/21/08